[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Capybara Plantation

The Capybara Plantation is accessible from Abertal. A pioneering memorial (v2.6) is added at I5.

The marker stone requires 4 Keys of Capybara to open, allowing access to Mine Passage. The keys are rare drops by the normal mobs, but are more frequently acquired from Golden Bat (Lv.106). The bats' locations are annotated on the map above.

Dropping 200 Food of Capybara into Capybara Food Pack provides a special buff. Alternatively, you can fight with a specific strategy. Use a character (e.g. fighter) to attack the bat, drawing its hostility. Since the bat moves slowly, use that character to keep running around all the other characters, who attack it with ranged attacks. (If the other characters use melee attacks, the bat may change target.) Just keep the bat rotating in circles near the attacking characters until it dies.

The Key of Capybara can also be used to open the Treasure Chests to get random items, such as assorted potions (e.g. mithridart), Fallen Champion ambers, and rarely, Lv.84 Steel Series recipe.

Mysterious Steel Piece can be acquired from the normal mobs in this map.