[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

GE Renders, Dolls, & Chibi

Official Fan Kits
Fan kits include concept arts, maps, renders of characters and monsters, etc. The Korean fan kit include costumes from later versions, like beach wear.

Character Dolls
See Demetrius' GE Dollz and Extrassy's Edits & Pixel Dolls. A few samples below.

Character Chibi
The compiled Chibi from Taiwan GE (see below) is missing the following - Romina, Rescue Knight, Grenmah (Grandice), Kurt, Eduardo, Garcia, Baek Ho, Vicent Rio, Viki, STR/DEX/INT Catherine, Tiburon, Ramiro, Calypso, and Claire.

Besides the Taiwan GE Chibi, Shinobeez has 2 more chibis - Chibi Andre and Chibi Adelina.


Dolorof said…
Hi, any chance you still have a link for the fansite kit? (any of the 3).
Ashardalon said…
Old fansite kit from Singapore GE - HERE