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Localize Mod: Change Sizes

You can resize certain things in-game on your client side to make them appear bigger or smaller. Open the appropriate .ies file and look up the Name or ItemName column to find the correct ClassName. You may need to cross-reference the dictionary_local file. Then, find the Scale column to adjust the default value. See Modifying Localize File first if you are unsure about what to do. The following are some examples on what you can resize.

Make them BIGGER so you don't go blind due to staring too hard at the screen.

Resize Drop Items
Most drop items are in datatable_item_etc.ies file, while others are in their respective item categories (armor, ring, glove, recipe, etc.). For example, let's resize Petrified Hearts that are dropped by Sacred Vespanola Soldiers, so it's easier to click on them. If you need to farm 1000 Seals of Hero to craft Viscount Montoro's Ring, you make the seals easier to see/click while you farm them... Oh, how about Shiny Box that drops in Viron forests? Let's make them all bigger.
SetPropertyNumber("Item", "petrifiedheart", "Scale", 4);
SetPropertyNumber("Item", "PoisonYardSymbol", "Scale", 4);
SetPropertyNumber("Item", "BellemBox_Cash", "Scale", 2);

Resize Player Characters
Player characters are found in datatable_job.ies file. Unlike other scale values, there are ScaleM and ScaleF for male and female respectively. For example, I always find some characters to awkwardly big or stupidly tiny. Making Elisa stand beside Nar or Alejandro just look ridiculous. So let's make them more reasonable in sizes. GameQueen is the class name for GM's character. Are there annoying players who try to block the GM during events by standing over her with Nar? Let's make her bigger too.
SetPropertyNumber("Job", "Alejandro", "ScaleM", 0.75);
SetPropertyNumber("Job", "Nar", "ScaleM", 1.05);
SetPropertyNumber("Job", "ElisaOfficer", "ScaleF", 0.94);
SetPropertyNumber("Job", "Elisa", "ScaleF", 0.94);
SetPropertyNumber("Job", "GameQueen", "ScaleF", 2);

Resize Monsters
Monsters are found in datatable_monster.ies and datatable_monster_1/2/3/etc.ies files. For example, sometimes you need to hunt an elite monster, such as Elite Ghoul Defender in Secret Tower, which looks almost the same as the normal versions. Also, some boss monsters (e.g. Abyss Cray, Abyss Hassen) spawn clones, which make it a bit confusing at times. Let's change their sizes to differentiate them.
SetPropertyNumber("Monster", "Monster_Ghouldefender_Elite", "Scale", 3);
SetPropertyNumber("Monster", "monster_arm_mutation1_copy", "Scale", 0.7);
SetPropertyNumber("Monster", "monster_arm_mutation2_copy", "Scale", 0.7);
SetPropertyNumber("Monster", "monster_arm_mutation3_copy", "Scale", 0.7);
SetPropertyNumber("Monster", "monster_arm_mutation4_copy", "Scale", 0.7);
SetPropertyNumber("Monster", "monster_abyssbatman1_copy", "Scale", 0.7);
SetPropertyNumber("Monster", "monster_abyssbatman2_copy", "Scale", 0.7);

Resize Non-Player Characters
NPCs are found in datatable_npc.ies file. For example, let's make some NPCs bigger so that they are easier for you to see and click. The clickable flowers in Bristia Scar and Armonia Latina can be hard to see among the normal flowers. And the scrolls in Bristia Scar and Armonia El Templo are so annoyingly tiny, you have to strain your eyes just to see them. Are people using Angie's structures to block the colony manager in Tierra de la Sed? Well, just make them all bigger.
SetPropertyNumber("NPC", "npc_blue_flower", "Scale", 2);
SetPropertyNumber("NPC", "npc_silverbell_flower", "Scale", 2);
SetPropertyNumber("NPC", "npc_paper", "Scale", 5);
SetPropertyNumber("NPC", "COLONY_MANAGER", "Scale", 3);

Originally, I wanted to make a series of posts on how to read each individual .ies file one by one, starting with Reading IES Overview... But I'm too lazy and unmotivated in the game right now, so whatever... Instead, I will post something like this. You can figure out the rest by spending some time to check the .ies files yourselves.

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