[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.


Level: 14
STR 4 ☼ AGI 4 ☼ CON 4 ☼ DEX 5 ☼ INT 5 ☼ CHA 5
Stances: First Aid, Fortitudo, Amicus, Castis
Job Skill: Heal
Weapon/Armor: Caliburn/Leather

The following is the quests required to recruit Viki and acquire his Castis (aka Testis) stance book:

Boy and Golem
NPC: Viki
Requirement: Lv.72
Reward: None
  1. Talk to Dr. Torsche in Viki's Hut (El Tejado Verde, G3), when he visits Ulrik on Wednesday (GMT+8).
  2. Talk to Viki and agree to update him on the trends in the cities.
  3. Talk to a girl in Reboldoeux (G5) about trendy food and trendy toys.
A boy from Plateau, Viki
NPC: Viki
Reward: EXP card (Lv70; 64,000 EXP) x3
  1. Collect Cacao Sonador x1 and ROBO R 90 x1. See separate quests below.
Boy, you must have a dream
NPC: Diego
Reward: ROBO R 90
  1. Talk to Diego in Reboldoeux (F8) about ROBO R 90.
  2. Collect Wild Boar's Molar Tooth x20 from Saberboar (Lv.18) in Cathari Falls.
  3. Collect Jezebelnium Plywood x20 from Barrel Octopus (Lv.36) or Crate Octopus (Lv.36) in Jezebel Glen.
  4. Collect Roboten Jewel x5 from Phobitan Warrior (Lv.26) in Tetra Ruins.
Urban Taste
NPC: Lisa Lynsway
Reward: Cacao Sonador
  1. Talk to Lisa Lynsway in Coimbra (G9).
  2. Collect Cabosse x300 from Phobitan Imps in Tetra Ruins (or any imps from other maps, e.g. Lago Celeste, Rio Albi, Vegas Javier).
  3. Talk to Cabosse Merchant to trade the Cabosse for Cacao x50 and Cacao Butter x50.
  4. Talk to Lisa and pay her 5,000 vis for Cacao Sonador.
Hut Under Attack!
NPC: Viki
Reward: Lv64 Enchantment Chip x1
  1. Talk to Viki to start the mission.
  2. Move towards the hut and fight the Treasure Golem (Lv.60) summoned by Cherlyn. After a while, Ulrik will summon Ararat (Lv.60) to help you.
  3. Talk to Ararat to receive Heart of Steel quest item.
Fix Ararat Up! - Part 1
NPC: Ulrik
Reward: Lv.60 polish x3
  1. Talk to Ulrik in Viki's Hut (El Tejado Verde, G3) about what he intend to do.
  2. Collect Transynix Jewel x100 from Hornet (Lv.3) in Reboldoeux Stone Pit.
  3. Collect Koenig Jewel x100 from Larval Dragonwasp (Lv.5) in Ferruccio Junction.
  4. Collect Sterten Chrome x100 from Little Comodo (Lv.19) in Cathari Falls or King's Garden.
Fix Ararat Up! - Part 2
NPC: Ulrik
Reward: Lv.60 polish x3
  1. Collect Fire Cube x100 from Little Plaque Rogue (Lv.23) in Tetra Hill.
  2. Collect Garft Block x100 from Corlien Slasher (Lv.52) in El Lago de Tres Hermanas.
  3. Collect Molythea Block x100 from Striped Spider of Lightning (Lv.58) in El Tejado Verde.
Fix Ararat Up! - Part 3
NPC: Ulrik
Reward: None
  1. Collect Mamund x1 from Violent Gehcos (Lv.65) in Pradera de Ceniza. It is advisable to squad with other hunters to make it easier to get Mamund. See Mamund Guide For Hunters by Arconis.
  2. Collect Enhancement Heart x1. See Torsche's Errand quest.
Torsche's Errand
NPC: Dr. Torsche @ Dr. Torsche's Mansion, Grand Library, F4
Reward: Enhancement Heart, Art Summon Stone
  1. Collect the following items from Dr. Torsche's Mansion, Reception Hall or Grand Library.
  • Otite Piece x100 from Walter, Lloyd, Helena, Sasha, or Hollow Footman
  • Strange Spring x20 from Walter
  • Strange Tube x20 from Hollow Footman, or Haunted Candle
  • Strange Cogwheel x20 from Haunted Candle, Haunted Desk, or Haunted Book
  • Strange Clock Equipment x20 from Lloyd or Haunted Book
  • Strange Hinge x20 from Haunted Desk
Tips: There is an easy way to acquire hinges and clocks. See Strange Hinges & Clocks.

Rise Up, Ararat!
NPC: Viki
Reward: Hill Giant Summon Stone x10, [Amicus] Stance Book, Old Wood Caliburn, Viki RNPC Card
  1. Defeat Cherlyn (Lv.20) and her Hill Giant (Lv.10) with the help of Ararat (Lv.30).
  2. Talk to Ulrik after the fight.
Cherlyn's Plot
NPC: Stonepit Worker @ El Canon de Diabolica, J9
Reward: None
  1. Talk to the Stonepit Worker (El Canon de Diabolica, J9) with Viki selected as team leader.
  2. Defeat Treasure Golem (Lv.72) and Cherlyn (Lv.80) with the help of the Stonepit Worker's friends (Lv.50 fighter, elementalist, scout). Click on the ball of light to complete mission.
  3. Go to the ruins in El Ruina de Memoria (E9) with Viki in the team.
  4. Defeat Cherlyn (Lv.80) and Takion (Lv.60). It is not necessary to defeat the Treasure Golem (Lv.68) in this mission. Click on the ball of light to complete mission.
  5. Talk to Ulrik (El Tejado Verde, G3) with Viki selected as team leader.
Return of the Giant - Part 1
NPC: Ulrik
Reward: Treasure Core
  1. Collect the following items:
  • Copper Piece x200 [Reboldoeux Stone Pits]
  • Bulk of Gold x200 [El Ruina de Memoria, Prison de Joaquin]
  • Mega Aidanium x200 [Topolo Durga]
  • Golden Fruit x100 [Ustiur Farm or Zona Tres]
Return of the Giant - Part 2
NPC: Ulrik
Reward: Mustang Core, [Castis] Stance Book
  1. Collect the following items:
  • Bulk Coal x200 [Cathari Falls]
  • Bulk of Silver x200 [Lava Plateau of Joaquin, El Ruina de Memoria]
  • Mega Etretanium x60 [Topolo Durga]
  • Philosopher's Stone x50 [Katovic Snowfield]