[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

GE Free To Play

GE is going F2P. Maybe it’s a plot from the beginning to get people to buy more GVC by declaring P2P business model. Anyway, beta players and those who have topped-up 1 GVC will get a loyalty package. See Official Announcement for details.

Existing game time will be converted to 35 G-points per day. Some people complain that the conversion rate is too little. Well, some simple math will reveal that you are getting more than what the game time is worth.

For example, 90-days GVC will get you 90-days game time + 15k G-points or 18k G-points without game time. Do the math... (18000-15000)/90 = 33.3 G-points/day.

Do the same for 30-days GVC will get you 26.6 G-points/day. 365-days GVC is worse, giving you 27.4 G-points/day. Maybe 35 G-points/day is not much of a bonus, but you are definitely not getting ripped off.