[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

2 RNPCs Released Per Month

Apparently not all RNPCs will be immediately available in v2.4. Here is a quote from Hrin:

Actually, not all the RNPCs will be out immediately once we launch V2.4. There will be 2 RNPCs released per month. Tentatively, Viki will be released in Jan 2008, but we are still awaiting IMC approval. Once we get news, we will post up the calendar of events on the website.

According to the Version Update, the first 2 RNPCs are Karjalainen and Angie, then followed by Viki and Feng Ling.

According to Hrin, Viki's quest is the same as Korean/Jap version, i.e. can be activated only on Wednesday. About the strange hinges and clocks, she simply said that "Viki is meant to be difficult to get...".

Hrin's quotes are taken from...