Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Expert 2: Adorabelle

The family produced its 2nd expert: Adorabelle, the elementalist! She is named after Adora Belle Dearheart, a cynical character who works at the Golem Trust to help golems become free citizens (as featured in 2 Discworld novels). Since nobody seems to be selling Bracelet of Behemoth (maybe due to time zone difference), she really needs to raid Vergo or something. Unless, Anahita gets lucky and finds her one in Fire Isle Treasure Hunt.

Adorabelle promotes to expert status, while Ghae (Andre) pinches the master's perky ass.

It is going to be a while before a 3rd expert comes along. In any case, I'm still unsure who should be the one to join the musketeer and elementalist...


Shride said…
Wow, Ash! Congratz! xD I love the screenshot, by the way.