[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

SNW 22: The Wind, The Pirate, The Sage

In Bahamar Wetlands (aka Marshlands), the veterans found Vampiric Edge, Elite Striform Recipe x2, Elite Alegrias Recipe, Elite Robe of Pluto, and Elite Laranja e Preto Recipe. They moved on to Bahamar Marsh (aka Swamp of Darkness) and found the family's 6th Snail Shell and Elite Camisa de Soldado Recipe. Swamp Angler spawned on the spot. The veterans tried to solo it, but it was taking too long. After it was reduced to about 40%, Tuckerman family came in for the kill. Luckily, the veterans still got the loot, but it was nothing special.

Pazrael (Soho the Wind) and Titania (Adelina the Pirate) joined the family, after falling out of Mystery Boxes. Pazrael was eventually pimped off in exchange for a mercenary warrant. Alustriel (Emilia the Sage) joined and took his place in the quarters.

Thelandira (f/mus) trained the new recruits at Gigante Beach, where they encountered swordofbestiny family messing about with Thoracotomy spinelles. They also saw an amusing dinosaur strolling about the shore. Jack took Alustriel (ETS) to Forgotten Areas in Porto Bello and Dr. Torsche's Mansion. On the way, Lloyd dropped Catherine's Left Hand and they found Lv.52 Elite Hard-Leather Armor Recipe and 3 Sun Stones in Mansion Forgotten Area.

Telos clan finally won the bid for Hell Breaker, but unfortunately no Mysterious Steel Piece or Steel Weapon recipe dropped. I received Old Journal #10 as my share of the loot. During this week Colony War, Telos clan managed to seize King's Garden.

The veterans entered Bellem's Ruins 3 times, and looted Dragon Hunter Bayonet, Elite Sniper Rifle, Elite Bracelet of Uranus, Bracelet of Ziz, Elite Striform, and Elite Gaiters of Storm. On the other hand, Anahita (sco) found her 9th Fire Island Treasure at Zone 1: Carbon Gaiters, Elite Sniper Rifle, and Elite Mantis Rod.