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Underground Culverts

Reboldoeux Culverts dungeon has been released in sGE. This underground sewers in the path to Errac (aka Zeia), the Aztec-like civilization. To enter the gate located at Queen's Gate (D2), the player must have completed Bahama pioneering quests (up to The Ten Nobles of Vespanola) and have at least AR 57 and DR 55.

Within the dungeon, you cannot save warp point, see zone map, or change channel. The ogre and werewolf mobs are Lv.108-112 devils. The dungeon boss, Undertaker (Lv.114), drops AR 32 weapon recipes and DR 28 armor recipes. The boss must be killed to access Errac. If it respawns, it must be killed again.

The mobs within the dungeon drop recipes for ogre series and werewolf series weapons. The ogre series (AR 30; ATK +10%) include sword, great sword, polearm, shotgun, and staff. The werewolf series (AR 30; +15% damage vs. humans) include sword, shield, dagger, rifle, and blunt. The required materials of the recipes is listed in the update article. Crafting must be done by Lv.100 Adelina, M'Boma, Claude, or Lorch. For more details, see Gossamer & Grime, The Sewer Road, and Some Info on Reboldoeux Culverts.

... and Sword of the New World
SotNW is currently behind sGE in terms of updates. The following sGE contents are as yet unreleased in SotNW. No official ETA date is available at the moment.

Another v2.9 content which is unreleased in both editions is Selva recruitment quests.