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Fail Day

Yesterday was a pretty unlucky day. Fail #1. Fire Island Treasure Hunt was first announced while I went AFK for a few minutes. I only saw the 2nd notice 5 minutes before the start of the hunt, which then ended within seconds as another family found the treasure in the Free Zone. Okay, never mind. You win some, you lose some.

Fail #2. There was Find-the-AM event. The notice first said it was in Tetra Ruins. After I searched for a while, then it said the AM was last seen in Tetra Grand Corridor. I rushed in and reached the AM near Tetra Forgotten Area entrance at the same time as another family. BUT, the mobs ended up blocking the AM and I couldn't click on her to open a trade window immediately. By the time I adjusted the camera angle, it was too late. The other family got it. Blast.

Fail #3. There was also the Item-Gathering event. I got the 3 required items (Chocolate, Ferruccio Milk, Lv.68 dagger) fairly quick. BUT I couldn't find the AM in Auch at all. In the end, 2 other families won the event.

Fail #4. Then, my 4 attempts to further upgrade my +5 Elite La Ventisca failed. (**** you, Soho! ) It was successful only on the 5th try. I used up 80 upgrade accelerators and 5 veteran +5 lacquers. (Those are enhancement boosters and imperviums for SGE folks.) That is an enormous drain in my vis.

Fail #5. The training at Bahamar Wetlands yielded nothing noteworthy. No Lv.84 elite armor recipe. No Lv.100 weapon. No Snail Shell. Gosh. How many times can you fail in a day?


Shride said…
Aww, poor Ash. *hug* I won't jinx you by saying something like "Well, it can't get much worse..." :D