Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Market Comparison

SNW server has been going emo on me lately, with lag spikes, disconnections, and login errors. So, I revisited SGE Rembrandt server, and decided to check out the market. Let's compare market! The screenshots are from SGE Rembrandt, and I'd quote the common prices in Orpesia.

In Orpesia, vet scroll costs about 6-7m vis each...

Mystery Powder costs 350k-450k vis, while MSP costs about 25m vis.

Prices have been rising for Lv.100 chips, now costing about 4-5m vis in Orpesia (used to be about 3m).

Lv.100 AR30 bracelets cost about 35-50m vis, or more if it has good mods. (Bracelet of 3 Kings is renamed as Bracelet of the Great Soul in SNW.)

Orpesia will never be able to compete with this price. I never saw Lv.92 Elite Armor Recipes in MM before. ABS really flooded SGE market with recipes. Too bad they don't drop from SNW's Mystery Boxes.

P/S: Notice the person who is selling Recipe - Dragon Coat COSTUME for 35m vis? Hahaha. You can easily buy it from Andre anytime.


Warlust said…
I wouldn't mind 2m MSPs. o.o;;
I love how I don't see an Elite La Ventisca recipe in there.
Ashardalon said…
Oh. There are 2 pages worth of 92e recipes. I just didn't take screenshots of all of them. ELV recipes are still within the same price ranges as the ones in the screenshot.
mooferz said…
Geezus. What I'd do to ninja some of those cheap 92e recipes over to Orpesia. >.>