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sGE v3.0 Update: The Zeia

Singapore GE has released v3.0 update, opening access to Zeia (aka Errac). See v3.0 The Zeia Available Now! for the announcement. You can download the v3.0 full client or manual patch here. There is also the upcoming GM's CNY Shopping List event on 25 Jan 2009.

v3.0 Features

Some of the significant updates are as follow. See v3.0 Patch Notes and Version Updates for more details.
  • The path to Zeia can now be unlocked by the Chancellor. See here.
  • The drop rate for DR 28 armor recipes has been "greatly increased" for King of Greed, Swamp Frogfish, Sekhmet, Merman Eater, Bribantra, Argus, Montoro, Garim, Betelgeuse, General Guard, Undertaker, and Necro Shaman.
  • Recipe – Le Noir (DR 29) now drops from raid bosses.
  • All EXP cards reward 150% more experience points now.
  • Agility stat has been modified to increase ATK damage for Melee and Ranged characters if it is above 6 points.
  • Expert stances (Arnis, Equites, Rapiere, Hanging Guard, Flintlock) have been added.
  • Nar and Selva recruitment quests have been added to Zeia and Eleonore respectively.

... and Sword of the New World
Forget v3.0. Claire is still not released in SNW, as well as the other 5 items mentioned previously here. There is still no ETA date for the rest of v2.9, much less v3.0. On the plus side, it seems that all the Christmas items have been injected, except for Diabolic Horns.

K2-Neume said in the forum post here:

I make no statement on dates for a patch... but we are working on it. Unfortunately imcGames will be out until the second week of Feb for New Years so...


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