Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Sword 165: Rotanev & New Recruits

As usual, we spent more time in Errac, collecting Ancient Runes. Thelandira (f/mus) reached Master Lv.10, and decided to leave some "space" for more EXP when [Unlimited Shot] becomes available in v8.6.1. Lourdes (Grace) took over the duty as chief hunter in Errac. Willikins (Raven) reached Expert Lv.4, while Marcion (m/sco) and Phlegethon (Irawain) reached Lv.100. We recruited 2 new members for more training materials. Moloch (Male Soldier) was named after the Phoenician god, often associated with child sacrifice, who was featured in John Milton's Paradise Lost as one of Satan's minions. Timaeus (Male Infantry) was named after the Pythagorean philosopher who was featured in one of Plato's dialogues also called Timaeus.

M'Boma crafted +2 The Lightning of Rotanev 2S (lightning bracelet). After using 340 Upgrade Accelerators, 8 Lacquers +5: Expert, and 12 Lacquers +6: Expert, it still remained at +5 only. With average luck, one weapon shouldn't use more than 8 Lacquers +6 to upgrade to +7. This cost us approximately 1.5 billion vis just to get the bracelet to +5. First it was Golden Feet, then Dragon's Fury Crossbow, and now this... failed again. Bleh. After 500 Veteran Enchantment Chips and Enchant Sedatives, it still looked like it needed to re-enchant after getting ATK Rating +3 four times.

This week's Griffon mission dropped Symbol of Aries and Le Noir (sco). Team Arena missions yielded Symbol of Pisces, Symbol of Cancer, and Symbol of Libra. Occulta Bounty Hunt finally dropped something that isn't Honor Card, Expert Token, or Ancient Star Orb Box... namely Le Scarce (fig). Our subsidiary families provided Dragon Heart Recipe and Symbol of Pisces from party missions.

Someone asked us in-game about whether Beronif's [Enhanced Tactics] uses the same stance rings as scout or its own unique stance rings like Valeria's version. (Also compare [Flintlock] vs. [Flintlock - Rescue Knight] and [Flintlock - Auch Infantry].) We have no idea why this pioneer wanted to prepare rings for Beronif, since she is not likely to be included in the next patch.... whose status is still Soon™ in any case. But anyway, the data table from Japan's client showed that Beronif's [Enhanced Tactics] is the same as scout's version (i.e. same class name and class id), and thus should use the same stance book and stance rings.

The Devourers have introduced 2 new boxes in the Bazaar (250 Gold each) - Quinzel's Penderie & Raiden's Angel IV. The new items are Bristian Colonel Costume (Eduardo), Trifolium Hat (Romina), Blue Serpent Costume (m/wiz), Split Clianthes Costume (m/mus), Angel Camael's Crossbow (AR33), and Dragon's Eye Bracelet (AR30 LOE).

After maintenance, the servers seemed to be a bit screwed. There were several client freezes, disconnections, and lag. One disconnection occurred inside Occulta Bounty Hunt. The Halloween Event has also ended. Pioneers can get rid of their Spirit Coins by dropping them on the anvils in Katovic Snowfield (I6). We still don't know why IMC doesn't want to allow the event items to be sold to NPC for 0 vis. It's a long run to Katovic Snowfield... Daylight Saving Time has ended this week, and will resume on March 11, 2012.