[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Party Arena

See Party Missions for general overview of party missions. Clan leader (or deputies) can register for Party Arena on Saturday at 9pm via clan window (alt-Y). Up to 15 clan members can enter mission itself at 10pm, when a server-wide notice announces: Party Mission (Battle) [Party Arena] has started. Please participate using a button in the lower right.

It is similar to Team Arena, except for a few differences noted below. For general information on Team Arena, see [v3.2 Feature] Survive the Team Arena! and Team Arena FAQ.

Party Arena Information
Registration Time: Sat 9pm (v6.7), Daily 10pm (v8.5)
Mission Time: Sat 10pm (v6.7), Daily 11pm (v8.5)
Duration: 45 minutes
Participants: 5-15 families per clan

Unlike Team Arena where you can select which team to side with, this is strictly clan vs. clan. The opposing clan is unknown and seemingly randomly chosen. There must be at least 5 participants from each clan, otherwise the mission will fail within 5 minutes (as normal for all party missions).

Select Character (MCC1)
When you first enter the mission, you can have up to 3 characters. Within 20 seconds, only the selected character (leader) will remain, as the other 2 characters will be removed. So quickly buff up using the 2 characters before they are removed.

Arena Items & Buffs 
Unlike Team Arena, when you join the mission, you gain only 10 Battle Arena Health-Fillers (HP +5,000 every 3 seconds for 15 seconds). In addition, there is a cool-down time (about 25 seconds) for consumable items, so you will not be able to spam potions. All buff duration will be reduced by 50%.

Unlike Team Arena, you do not need to collect Arena Coins to buy buffs from NPC. Instead, there is a Point Shop window just below the mini-map on the right side of the screen. You gain more points as time passes (approximately 30 points per 12 seconds) and as you kill monsters and opposing players. There is also no Home Base Protection buff.

You can buy 20 levels of ATK and Max HP buffs, and 5 levels of ATK Speed and Movement Speed buffs. The shop also sells potions - 3 Battle Arena Health-Fillers (HP +5,000 every 3 seconds for 15 seconds) for 30 points, and 3 Battle Arena Intensified Health-Fillers (HP +10,000 every 3 seconds for 15 seconds) for 200 points.

Arena Combat
Unlike Team Arena, ATK Rating and DEF Rating are not standardized. This means you retain the same ratings as determined by your armor and weapon. Party Arena has the same set of mini-bosses as Team Arena - Dios Lantem, 3 Gates + 6 L131 Trilinears (aka Scylla), 3 Kings of Greed, and 3 L130 Trilinears (aka Scylla). The last Trilinear (L240) protects the end of the base, and can be ignored.

When a character dies, there will be a blue text over him, saying Resurrect in [number] seconds. When the count-down finishes, he will revive at the start point of his home base.

Using an offensive skill will display red system text, listing: [attacker] to [target], [skill] ([number] damage). All players' names are hidden. Characters of opposing clan are renamed with the default names (e.g. Elementalist, Valeria). Public chat is also disabled, so coordinate your team using squad or clan chat instead.

The first clan to kill Dios will win. If neither Dios dies when time runs out (45 min), the clan with the most points will win. Total points are displayed in the top-right of the screen, directly to the left of the mini-map. (You can press Tab key to view details for individual points, kills, and deaths.)

When victory is achieved, the roulette will spin to reward each family just like other party missions. Both teams will get roulette reward. Players' names will be shown in the roulette.

Thereafter, all families will be moved to Auch (I7), channel 1.


Skinny said…
"Both teams will get roulette reward. Players' names will be shown in the roulette."

Does that means winning or losing doesn't matter? You will always get the roulette rewards?
Ashardalon said…
I was told that MCC team buff remain even after the 2 characters are removed.