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On Fallacy, Epistemology, & Boasting

In Maoster's Red Squad Clarification forum topic, I pointed out the irony and some inconsistencies in his accusations. He said that I wasn't there in Castilla Temple "yesterday", as if that alone absolves him of those duplicities. I have contacts, I don't need to be there to know things. And I was there when Othrys clan repeatedly did the very same thing that he mentioned in the opening post.

On Fallacy
Everything I have mentioned are completely relevant to the points he raised. Instead of attempting to address them as to why they are allegedly "irrelevant", all he could do is to rage and resort to nothing more than name-calling as per his modus operandi. If he thinks that throwing a string of insults is all it takes to make a good argument, then he is sadly mistaken. And as usual, like so many topics he started, they were locked by moderators for good reasons.

If ad hominem is the best he can do in support of a proposition, he seriously needs an education in building logical arguments. Instead of behaving in a boorish, uncultured manner, he could have at least make the effort to avoid the more common logical fallacies. If he cannot even avoid such common traps in thought processing, guess who is the "ignorant fool"? As so often is the case, shame and embarrassment give way to rage, a fairly common response as a result of cognitive dissonance.

And no, I don't get depressed with the game. I get bored. It is hard to imagine someone, even a person without rudimentary knowledge of psychology, who could not tell the difference between depression and boredom. Yet somehow, he managed it. Amazing.

On Epistemology
He claimed that bans were handed out based on number of tickets submitted. What epistemological method was used to arrive at that conclusion? What empirical data support those claims? He accused the administrators of being biased, and yet offered no justification whatsoever to support his claim. Knowledge, as commonly defined in epistemology, is justified true belief. He failed to justify his belief, and he failed to demonstrate its veracity. So all we ended up with is a string of whimsical rants bordering on libel.

I suggested an experimentation which can be empirically repeated, observed, and tested to see if his claim is true. And of course, he avoided addressing it, since he probably knew deep-down that his accusations have no empirical basis whatsoever. If the experiments are to be conducted, he would likely be proven false.

After all these years, I have never been banned, neither in-game nor in the forums. This begs the question: Why is it that some players get banned repeatedly? Is it just a mean old world (with evil administrators/moderators) that is out to get them? Or is there something inherently wrong with their own characters or behaviors? People who lack introspection always blame others instead of examining themselves for possible faults. Interestingly enough, this is slightly similar to something known in sociology of religion as persecution complex. It is a manifestation of self-righteousness, in which the subject believes that the world is in the grip of the devil (or evil administrators), and thus the more persecution (or ban) he receives, the more righteous he must be in the eyes of God. Persecution becomes a barometer of righteousness. It will never occur to such individuals that perhaps they were persecuted/banned because they violated some rules and thus richly deserved it.

Generally, G1 has been very lenient when it comes to suspensions. This year's Halloween event is a good example. Other publishers have permanently banned players who exploited an event bug, but for G1, nothing happened to those exploiters so far. (See Journal #163 for details.) The same can be said for other issues. Instead of being grateful for their leniency, some people are shameless enough to actually ask for compensation after being temporary banned.

On Boasting
One more thing. Bragging about real life is already lame enough, but bragging about gaming in a virtual environment takes it to a whole new level. Throughout history, the truly illustrious people who are good in their respective disciplines have no need to brag, mainly because bragging won't make them any better and instead demeans their own stations, making them undignified. Bragging is nothing more than a desperate cry for attention, underlying an insecurity which is unseemly and unbecoming in a person of accomplishment. The bravado is an attempt to establish an internal locus of control, but ended up over-compensating. So the next time you meet a braggart (in-game or in real life) shamelessly talking about how good he himself is at something, remember this.

As for his charge that I'm self-centered, let's just say that I'm not one of the subjects of the following fascinating quote by Raiden, one of G1 administrators: 

Because as much as you think you are the custodian of good faith for the entire server, you are not. Instead, you are the custodian of your own needs. [Source]


Maoster said…
once again it seems you missunderstand plan english

"getting pked at a raid, and squading with a friend to pk other participants to even the playing field?
ironically, Phalanx/Schiavona aka Albatros. seem to use this without consequence, with Halcyon benefiting whether they admit it or not."
albatross using red squad without consequence(jnlx squading with jet, same with grav), halycon benefiting or not is of little meaning.

"What makes you think that you are being banned for sharing war in a squad? You could be banned for other things, like spewing out pejoratives at other players - which is something you have done on more than 1 occasion. "

i was speaking in reference to specific bans, again you take things out of context.

as for you little "test" about bans, i already have been pmed by a few GM's asking what i have been doing after they recieved over 100 tickets regarding me. as for that, i don't feel the need to be so petty and resort to such low measures, unlike you who takes a case of wounded pride alittle too far.

seems i hurt tour feelings. lols

any questions? hmmm?

oh recruiting brito?? hmm i seem to remember your previous clan recruit someone.... hmmmm Valerious†?? sound familiar?
Dr.X said…
Once again seems that you don't understand the play system of this game... being red in all maps but cities between Royalist & Republicans clans at war to each other it's called a FEATURE of the game not an exploit, if so, you should had been perma-banned from this game long time ago for your past actions.

I posted in G1 forums (and Jaina Removed) the evidence of 1 of your many "bad actions" like yourself complain in that post from Phalanx/Albatros behavior being, this clans both Royalist at war with your clan Amalielle. Maybe you are forgetting when your actual clan members (ex Phalanx/Schiavona members) dropped clan and joined Othyrs backstabbing us to do the same pk thing while you was given a chance in Schiavona along with Day3741, you 2 choose to betray us too, and got dismissed of clan for selling the Will/Hope of Argus recipes which was supposed to be distributed in clan, to adversary clans (STH mostly, this action talks about how your IRL behavior is).

As I said before in that post, if you can't stand for being pk'd in game/raids, easy, drop or change Faction, or... you want to win this wars banning people and QQ to G1 telling them that they are negligent as administrators? I don't think so kid.
Ashardalon said…
I doubt anyone can understand "plan english". If you want to insult people, at least make the effort to check the dictionary for words you find difficult to spell.

You are still under the delusion that nobody is supposed to share war in squad or PK at raids. So what if they do it at raids? What makes you think that field raids are supposed to be PVP-free? War has always been an option in field raids since v2.x. All the way to v9.x, you will still find the same thing, plus the secret society wars that force PVP on certain raid maps.

If you want to insist that this is in fact a bug, then do some research and find official patch notes or notices from IMC saying this is so. Because until then, you have no claim to knowledge, and are in no position to say it is such.

Raven who isn't an alt was in our squad. unlike the former Phalanx, we need not play like petty losers.

You use alts yourself, so please at least include yourself as one of those "petty losers". That is what I find disgusting about you and your cronies - the duplicity, hypocrisy, and treachery.

If a clan is kind enough to send an invitation, you accept and stay true to the clan, its policies, and the alliances it makes. If you disagree with the clan policies/alliances, you simply decline the invite and continue to do whatever you want. Abusing the good will of others by lying, cheating, or stealing from the people that took you (including alts pretending to be mains) in is nothing more than the behavior of a treacherous ingrate.

i was speaking in reference to specific bans, again you take things out of context.

Maybe you had that in mind, but you failed to define the context in your opening post. And your failure in providing a clear and distinct context means that the topic is open for general discussion, and is thus not limited any one particular context. You have only your own sloppiness to blame for any topic divergence from what you may have in mind.

i already have been pmed by a few GM's asking what i have been doing after they recieved over 100 tickets regarding me.

And how does that alone support your proposition that bans are handed out based on number of tickets? You still have no justification or veracity to your claim. Correlation is not the same as causality. Learn the difference.

You obviously have no experience in research and experimentation. Experimentation is not about being petty or proud. It is about coming up with operational definitions of key terms, setting up a hypothesis, and then testing it to see if the hypothesis can be rejected or not. It seems you don't even know this...

The basic point is this - If you don't even have a rudimentary grounding in epistemology, you are in no position to make such accusations or to call others "ignorant". Because you have no understanding of what knowledge is, how knowledge works, and what qualifies as knowledge and what does not.

Sorry, wrong again. I got no wounded pride here. I don't take pride in a game, unlike you. I'm not the one who is bragging all the time in the forums about the game.

Funny that you should charge Phalanx or Halcyon with Valerious†, when that player is associated with some of your key members as I mentioned previously. In any case, Phalanx never associated with or recruited such players intentionally, and upon identification, they will be kicked from the clan. On the other hand, your clan knowingly recruit/retain such players even when they are revealed as such. That is the key difference.

If you really hate Phalanx/Schiavona so much, then you should have completely ostracized anyone contaminated by the clans. Instead of which, you recruited their members, including those who participated in all those things you have been raging about (raid PVP, FF gate, etc.). If that is not hypocrisy, I don't know what is.