[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Update Preview: Veatrice & Adriana

A new Korean update preview is now available for v9.16 - 업데이트 미리보기 - 베아트리체,아드리아. Details may be subject to later changes.

1. New Character: Veatrice
After the Three-Year War, Veatrice was approached and recruited by Sir Lyndon. Thereafter, enemies of Strata Vista often died in mysterious circumstances. Lacking evidences of foul play, the rumor of "Black Lightning" soon became known as a curse or terror. (Her name seems to be spelled with a "V".)

Veatrice is M'Boma's sister. She got involved with Farrel in Viron, and was no longer the caring sister as M'Boma remembered her. Her recruitment quest begins with M'Boma in Coimbra. You must have completed M'Boma Recruitment Quest and M'Boma's Extended Quest.

Her expert stance [Tempest] uses 2 lightning bracelets. It has high damage, and low accuracy (50). The stance book can be obtained through a quest. Her personal skill is [Enchantment Arm]. As part of [Hidden Truth] team, she gains team buff when used with Andre, Yeganeh, Calyce, and/or Valeria.

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2. New Character: Adriana
Adriana was born of a noble family. At a young age, she was involved in various naval battles. Eventually, she was promoted to become an admiral, and led the Castilla Expedition fleet. Her recruitment quest begins in Castilla. You must have completed Adriana's Side Quests and Castilla Episode Quests up to delivering Sophia's letter to Manuel in Castilla Episode 3. It involved Farrel (again), and Gold Ancient Relics.

Her expert stance [Cutlass] uses sabre + pistol. Stance book can be obtained from Emilia with Symbol of Cancer. Her personal skill [Tactics] is considered a defensive version of Lionel's [Leadership]. As part of [Mission Officers] team, she gains team buff when used with Romina, Lionel, Daria, Natalie, and/or Ralph.

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3. Lucifer Castle 1F & 2F
After being stuck outside in Crow Forest (v6.7), players then got stuck in in basement (v8.5), followed by getting stuck in the gardens. Now finally, the bloody castle is accessible. Apparently, Farrel wanted to sneak in too...

Lucifer Castle 1F: Ballroom and 2F: Screaming Corridor have been added. The zones imposed Montoro's Curse. Lionel got involved and needed to obtain certain fragments.

Defeating 1F boss (G.리치) will allow access to 2F. Cursed NPC will appear in 2F. Defeating 2F boss (포르테로) will grant the key to find Montoro (i.e. get stuck again until next update).

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4. Strata Devil Accessories
Strata Devil Accessories - earrings, belts, necklaces, gloves, boots - have been added. They can be used by Masters. Each accessory is not divided into subtypes. Recipes and materials are dropped by monsters inside Lucifer Castle.

The accessories have set options, when used with Strata Devil Armors/Weapons, up to a bonus of HP +5000, Immunity +5, Penetration +5, and ATK/DEF Rating +1.

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5. Rare Weapon Costumes
In v9.15.1, rare weapon costumes can be synthesized in Gigante Port. This includes sabre, sword, blunt, dagger, rapier, tonfa, polearm, great sword, knuckle, gaiters, crescent, shotgun, crossbow, bayonet, pistol, cannon, special bracelet, and rod. These are all costume versions of Fallen Angel's Curse series, first seen in Imperial Wheel (Japan).

6. Remote Control
Remote game control for iPhone/Android has been initiated for beta testing. Features included character status update, character's time of death, and screenshot sending.