[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

New Characters! Tempest & Cutlass!

Korean edition has released 2 new characters. One is Adriana from Castilla Garrison 1, and the other is from season 1's character design. See Screen Board (Korean) - 베아, 아드 스탠스정보 and 아드리아나 베아트리체 스텟.

New stances - Tempest (lightning bracelet + lightning bracelet) and Cutlass (sabre + pistol)! Click on images below for full size view.

I expect Play Forum should be having articles on them soon. I will just wait for those... In addition, there is also more stuffs on season 2 character designs. See 1차 투표 결과 공개!.

[SG] Ralph Debuts! And Profits!
Ralph Character Card and Silence of Ignisia (polearm costume) are now available in Panfilo's Pot Luck. See [PPL] Update 6 Is Here!. [Shining Sting] stance book is available in Hellena's Circus of Fate for 2 Gold Tokens. For a comparison of Ralph vs. Calyce, see 랄프 vs 칼리 재대결. 그 결과는?.

In addition, there are some year-end promotions involving cash shop discount, profit, game credit bonus, profit, lucky draw, profit, weapon enhancement/enchantment event, and profit. See [11.11.11] Y.E.S! The Year End Sales Campaign is here!.


Silfo said…
i saw a video of beatrice stance but why she is purple-lined?