[KR] New cash costumes for Leoneles and Teen Rachels. ☆ [EU] Synodia (v28.94.65) update delayed to Jan 23, 2018.

Treasure Shooting R: Nov 2011

Treasure Shooting R (Japan) has been updated for Nov 09-16, 2011. The items for the previous months were entirely old items which were re-released for players who missed them previously. This month's items however included something new. Click on image below for full size view.

Party Dress - Friend Costume
Body Costume • Ludin (left)

Party Dress - Speak Costume
Body Costume • Ludin (middle)

Party Dress - First Step Costume
Body Costume • Ludin (right)

As mentioned previously, these 3 new costumes are simply variant textures for Party Dress - Fireball Costume which debuts in Magic Circle 21 (Korea). The remaining 5 unreleased variant textures for Party Dress Costume are Birthday, 100 Point, Amusement Park, Brother, and Zoo.

The old items included assorted weapons from Fallen Angel's Curse series and La Flamme De L'Amour Du Rubis (Gemstone Fire Bracelet). All of these were previously released in Imperial Wheel.