Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

World Cross PVP Beta

G1 (US) has finally initiated World Cross PVP Beta Launch. Supposedly, individual matches will be held alternatively at 8pm PST (odd week) and 8pm GMT / 10am PST (even week). Team matches will be held 1 hour later. Currently, it seems like you can join the matches any time, but you will probably "cannot find server" and crash instead. See also [World X PVP] Beta Launch (SG) for more details.


Only Veterans and above can join the matches. Note that Veterans can still get matched against Experts/Masters. You will get some points and  EXP score, even if you lose the match. Each (1) EXP score will grant approximately 25,000 EXP to each of the 3 characters, so every 100 EXP score is equivalent to 2.5m EXP per character. You can have up to 3,000 EXP score before claiming them. (For comparison, one Veteran B EXP Card provides 1.4m EXP.)

World PVP Shop is located in Auch (G6). Le Scarce costs 40,000 Points + 1,000 Shiny Crystals. Constellation Box costs 10,000 Points + 5 White Gold Bars.


Anonymous said…
At the start of ours, there were people who tested and have generally agreed that taking the experience at 1000/3000 is actually lesser than 3000/3000 (ie. there is a multiplier involved). I should think that is the case too for Sword2?
Ashardalon said…
Oh. So how much % do each Master (or Expert) in a 3-man team gain from a full 3k exp score?