Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Revised Arsene Circus v9.8.1

In v9.8.1, Arsene Circus (aka Bourgogne Palace) mission will be revised. Mission remains MCC1. See 체험 그라 현장! 국민 미션 '궁', 이렇게 변했다 for more revision details. See [v3.4 Feature] Raid Mission – Chateau de Bourgogne for the original raid mission. The mission remains the same for the most part, with the following changes:

Minimum number of participants has been reduced from 3 families to 1 family.

Wounded Frost/Mario/Emily/Celine will no longer drop ticket recipes. The drop rate for L100 Enchantment Chips will be reduced.

Louis Arsene III will not drop L100 weapon (AR30) or armor (DR27) all the time. He will drop less L100 Enchantment Chips than before, and will not drop L100 Elite Weapon Recipe (AR32).

Roulette chest will be added, consisting of the following:
  • Arsene Circus Ticket Recipe (all colors)
  • L100 Elite Weapon Recipe (AR32)
  • Artisan's Accessory Recipe (earring, belt, gloves)
  • L100 Enchantment Chips (5)
  • Veteran Enchantment Chips (2)
  • Werebear Weapon (AR31)
  • L92 Elite Weapon (AR30)
  • L92 Elite Steel Weapon (AR30)
  • L100 Weapon (AR30)
  • L92 Elite Armor (DR28)
  • L100 Armor (DR27)
  • Veteran Boots/Gloves
  • Made RES Necklace (RES 5%)
  • Honor D Card
Currently in v6.7, this mission commonly drops a total loot of approximately 9 L100 Enchantment Chips, 1 Veteran Enchantment Chips, 2 L100 Weapon/Armor, and 1 Veteran Boots/Gloves.