Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Imperial Wheel - August 2009

Imperial Wheel is now online for jGE. This is probably a replacement for Coimbra Shuffle!!.

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The costume for Catherine is probably for Catherine (STR), although some have said it is usable by Catherine (INT/DEX) as well. Other stuffs include White Vent Costume [Grace], Cineraria Costume [Emilia], and Lv.96 Elite Inviadecco [DEF 187, DR 29; Scout].

Edit: Added more screenshots for the 2 weapons... Click below for full-sized views.

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Errata: According to 2ch Wiki, 長杖 ("long stick") is rod, while 短杖 ("short stick") is staff, and 特殊杖 ("special stick") is special rod. So the Angel Rod is in fact a rod, not a staff (as previously mislabeled).