Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

kGE v4.0.22 Update

The following is translated from kGE v4.0.22 Patch Notes and Silver Server v4.0.22.

1. Elementalist's Constellation Stance
A new constellation stance is available for for elementalist and Hellena. The attacks of the stance consume a new item called Elemental Sphere, which will be sold in boxes somewhat similar to pistol bullets. The stance book can be acquired from Emilia, and requires Symbol of Pisces. The symbol will be added to Premium Treasure Chest in the cash shop. See Occultism entry.


2. Reckless Emilia
Reckless Emilia becomes available, along with her new Madness stance, which allows her to move via levitation (as seen in screenshot below). See Reckless Emilia entry.


3. Improved Trump Weapons
The default stats of Trump weapons are enhanced, mostly with additional Critical and/or Mental ATK. See Silver Server v4.0.21 for full changelog.

4. Face Change Service
You can change the face type of an existing stock character by paying 500k feso to a new NPC in town. See Type 2 Faces entry.


5. Personal Shop UI
The new UI auto-calculates and displays the tax amount after selling price is entered.


6. Constellation Stance Modifications
Some constellation stances are modified. See Silver Server v4.0.22 for full changelog.

7. Invisible Potions & Quest Stance Books
Invisible Potions are added to feso shop, and no longer drops from Bellem's Box and Fire Isle. The stance books for Viki and Selva are added to the feso shop. So now, Viki can learn Testis (aka Castis) even if you bought his card from another player.

8. New Costumes
There are 2 new wizard costumes and hats, and a hair for Lorch.


9. Advanced Notices
Next patch notes will include...
  • New top-level raid in Land of the Dead
  • Scout's constellation stance
  • Some buffs related to the 5 Elements
  • Potion use timer


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