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Some news is available about Reckless Emilia in v4.0.21. She seems to be a full-wizard type, instead of healer-wizard hybrid like the other versions of Emilia. Most screenshots below can be clicked for full-size view. See also Silver Server v4.0.21, kGE Screen Board, and sGE Forum Discussion.

Reckless Emilia
Starting Level: 1
Stats: STR 30, AGI 60, CON 30, DEX 55, INT 85, CHA 65
Basic Stances: Psychokinesis, ESP, Illusionist, Levitation
Veteran Stances: Anathema, Incantation
Expert Stances: Madness
Personal Skill: Safe Guard
Weapons: Rod, Staff, Special Rod
Armor: Coat

Her quests begin with Gertrude Peterson in Auch, after completing Master's Martial Arts stance quest. So basically, you need to train a martial artist to master before you can even start on her recruitment quests... Wee~!

Character Creation Screen

Stats & Stances

Posing Her Curves...

Posing Her Ass...

Character Status Bars

Preview: Madness & Safe Guard
Madness stance requires Lv.25 Levitation, and Symbol of Aries. I will post again when there are proper translation on the skills and related stuffs. See Book of Wind: Madness for details.




Update: Read about her quest instance here.