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SNW 48: Expert Romina

This is another week spent grinding in the mud of Ancient Area. With Athena (f/fig) becoming an expert, Visca (Grace) joined the veteran team for her multi-target attack with Gigantic Blaster. During this time, Cthulhu (Poppet) looted 43 Sun Stones, 1 Blue Rough-Stone, 1 Red Rough-Stone, Web Ring, Burning Hands Ring, Breath of Arange Ring, Critical Disease Ring, Atomic Glacial Strikes Ring, and another Lv.88 Metallic Suit.

Gilgamesh (Claude) replaced Visca (Grace) and brought the team to Ancient Mineral Cave instead, looting 7 Sun Stones and 2 Le Blanc (Scout), one of which has DEF Rating +3 by default. The team collected 800 Broken Teeth for the Serious Farmer in New Opoluto (G12), and received their first Cinderella's Le Blanc (DR 30).

When Ancient King of Covetry (Lv.110) showed up, Romina returned to quarters to call the expert team. They had some difficulty with it after it buffed, but managed to overcome it with AM Boost and Triumph Filler. Unfortunately, the only recipe dropped is for Golden Feet, not Dragon Heart.

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Eventually, Romina returned to the family quarters as the 6th expert. Hopefully, she can get a Symbol of Sagittarius for Equites in v3.0.

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After 4 months of being clanless, the family finally joined Othrys clan, named after Mount Othrys in Thessaly which was said to be the home of the titans during the Titanomachy.


Divinicus said…
SNW has a very generous drop rate!