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SNW v3.0 Delayed To Sept 23

Neume has announced the status of v3.0 for Sword of the New World...

We were planning to release the live test world but we're waiting on the new patch (which we expect around September 9th or 10th). Once we have the new patch we will open up Montoro.

I'm sure by now some of you have realized what that means... We will be unable to release 3.0 by September 9th. Our new expected launch date is September 23rd. Yes, it's 14 days longer, I'm sorry, but we just want to be sure we are delivering the best product possible. It may be possible we'll launch earlier than that (if you remember we did this with 2.9b). If we're ready to patch sooner we will. But officially we're looking to patch on Sept. 23rd and all our marketing and PR will be focused on those dates.

Again, I want to point out, if the patch we get on the 10th checks out and is good to go we will immediately patch live. If not as soon as we have a patch that is releasable we will patch. [Source]

Okay, so the new dates are Sept 9 for test server, and Sept 23 for official launch. Well, a delay of 2 weeks isn't so bad, so long they don't delay it yet again... and again, and again. The patch notes is available in forum topic Echoes of an Empire, but as usual, it is really lacking in details. I suggest readers refer to sGE v3.0 Patch Notes instead.

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Meanwhile, sGE is set to launch v3.5 on Oct 8, 2009. In addition, players get freebies if they login everyday from Sept 4 to Oct 1. There is also an upgrading event; see Hrin & Lorenza's Birthday Bash and The One About the Birthday Sword. There are other events as well. See The One About Games Convention Asia for details.