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kGE v4.0.14 Update

A new update (v4.0.14) has been released for kGE here. See also 散歩道 here, here, and here. Join the sGE forum discussion here.

1. Gate of Flame
Something was changed for this raid. No idea what the heck it is saying... It seems that when 10 fire orbs are used, the summoning towers can be attacked by monsters. If an active summoning tower is destroyed, all towers become deactivated. A modification is also made concerning attempting to dispel Lava Leaf's buff. Supposedly, it is now an instanced raid.


2. Enchanted Belts
New belts which can be enchanted with stats (e.g. INT +1) have been added. As usual, belts have 3 types - belts, leather belts, and metal belts. There are 3 grades of enchanted belts. Each grade has different enchantment limits and base Immunity.
  1. Immunity +6; Max.HP +500~+1000, DEF +1~+5
  2. Immunity +8; Max.HP +1500~+2000, DEF +6~+10
  3. Immunity +10; Max.HP +2500~+3000, DEF +11~+15
The belt recipes differ according to the grade, but common materials include HQ Cloth, Reinforced Leather, and Composite Steel. Other materials include...
  1. Normal Belt x1, Lv.96 Enchantment Chip x30, Elemental Jewel x3
  2. Grade 1 Belt Crystal x1, Buckle, Lv.100 Enchantment Chip x20
  3. Grade 2 Belt Crystal x1, Buckle, AR 30 Magic Weapon Crystal x3, Veteran Enchantment Chip x20

Belt crystals are acquired by refining belts in Errac (aka Zeia).


The recipes drop in various maps and bosses, according to the grade.
  1. Bahamar Swamp 4 (Swamp of Peril/Murky Bayou), Toubkal Mines, Katovic Snowfield, Frozen Plain, Snowfield of the Ice Wizard (Glacial Forecourt), 3 zones of Fire Island, Elmorc, Avalanche Apparition, Lava Leaf, etc.
  2. Silent Maze (Lightning Gate), Occulta, etc.
  3. Novia, etc.
Buckles drop in Poison Yard, Secret Temple, and some spider thingy...

3. Edit Family Profile
An Edit button has been added to family profile, so you can click it to edit and then click Save button.


4. Family EXP Bar
An EXP bar has been added to Quarters/Barracks and Family Profile to estimate how close the family is to gaining the next family level.


5. Invisible Login/Logout & Zone Movement
A new game option has been added to allow a player to hide his login/logout and zone movement notices (e.g. "XYZ is moving to City of Auch") from his clan/faction members.


6. Misc.
You can now make veteran enchantment chips from Enchantment Chip Exchanger with Lv.100 chips. Some minor changes to the dialog when talking to Emilia about Flintlock stance book. A bug concerning a skill in Power of Darkness is corrected.

7. New Costumes & Hair
There will be new costumes for female wizard, female scout, and female elementalist, as well as Bonnet Hair for Idge.


8. Advanced Notices
Details for elementalist constellation stance and Reckless Emilia will be available soon.


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