[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

SNW v2.9b: Charge of the Pedobears

After being updated to v2.9a since October 2008, Sword of the New World has finally updated to v2.9b today. See SNW v2.9b Patch Notes. The content is essentially what I mentioned previously here. There are additional issues with this Charge of the Pedobears patch...

  • The Auch Civil Servant can sometimes crash the game client while trying to receive Silver Medals.
  • There are several spacing issues with text in the Quest Menu and Help Menu.
  • Claire's final crafting quest doesn't always offer itself.
  • Mamons in Porto Bello, the deserted Quay does not always give the mission for Calypso's Sagitta Manual.
  • Elite Ghoul Defender in the Secret Tower can fail to spawn.
I bet all the starved pedobears are rushing for Claire now...

If you want to know what to expect in v3.0, see sGE v3.0 Patch Notes. (Yes. They are mostly the same, if not totally so. I'm too lazy to write about it when there's a comprehensive list of changes available.) As previously mentioned here, v3.0.13 is expected in 45 days, i.e. August 22.

Also, I updated the blog template during maintenance. I guess I just got tired of the old one.

Update: Crusader Coat
Romina's new costume, Crusader Coat, is now available. The permanent (no stat) version is available in feso shop (700k feso) and cash shop (575 gold). The temporary (DEF +10, Max HP +500) version is available only in cash shop (350 gold).

Update: Bahamar Ancient Area
There are 4 zones: Lv.106-109, Lv.106-109, Lv.109-112, and Lv.112.115. Ancient King of Greed (Lv.110) is the local boss. For more information, see Bahama Ancient Territory Revealed.

Update: v3.0 ETA
About v3.0 update, G1-Neume said...

Currently we are looking at a (THIS DATE MAY CHANGE!!!) September 9th, 2009 release date (THIS DATE MAY CHANGE!!!) for 3.0. However THIS DATE MAY CHANGE!!! [Source]


Maki said…
Epic , gratz on getting claire on your servers Ashardalon

a pic i took when i first got claire :p - Claire Lol xD

oh and pedobear approves!

btw i like the new look =)