[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

SNW v2.9b: July 14

It is written in the Gospel According To G1-Neume 2:9b.

I'll update this elsewhere but we are about 70% through the new content. There are some bugs but at this point I would rather get the game out than worry about minor issues [...]

Today I am more confident of the
July 14th date than I was last week. BUT I'll need to wait until tomorrow to know for sure. Currently it appears that the following are going to be known issues (in an effort to get this patch live). [...]

  • Mamons is listed as in Porto Bello, the Deserted Cliffs when in fact he's in the Deserted Quay.
  • Mamons hates you and doesn't want to give up the Sagitta Manual (what a hater).
  • Claire has issues and will sometimes not complete her 9th quest (This is a quest AFTER you get her character card).
  • There are myriad spacing issues with quest text.

Obviously the 3rd item is the most important to us, however if that is the only type B bug by maintenance time we're going live with it and will fix it in next month's 3.0 patch. [Source]

We're not scheduling a patch between 2.9.X and 3.0.13. We'll just have those issues live for about
45 days. [Source]

So, v2.9b is likely to come on July 14 (Tue), which is next week's maintenance, and 45 days later will put v3.0 on August 28. I will edit this post again when he confirms it.

Calyce's quest bug from v2.9a is still not fixed! LOL! See Book of Wind for the quests, and forum topic for discussion of the quest bug. The tagcolor crash supposedly occurs when talking to Gertrude and the mercenary leader in Lisa's Cafe, as well as when talking to Fritz in the final quest.

I have no idea what he means by the quest AFTER you get Claire's card. I have never seen it before, and Book of Wind ends the quest guide with her card. Still, I didn't recruit her in sGE. If you know what this "after-card" quest is about, please post in the comments. Thanks.

The following is based on what is specifically stated in sGE patch notes.

What are the content of v2.9b?
As mentioned previously here, Selva will be pushed back to v3.0. She is originally in v2.9.4. So, v2.9b should include...

As you can see, there actually isn't much content in v2.9b. Sure, Claire's unknown ores and elite cocks will probably occupy you for some time, but the rest isn't much, just 2 grinding maps + quickie/repetitive stuffs.

Will Old Chess Pieces and Snail Shells drop in Bahamar Ancient Area?
No. They are added only in v3.2.

Does Bahamar Ancient Area use the same pass as the one in Skeleton Dungeon?
Yes. The dungeon which uses a different pass is Ancient Shelter (a non-PK version of Ancient Area), which is added in v3.0.

Will drop rate for Lv.92 elite armor recipes be increased?
No. The improved drop rate is implemented in v3.0, and only for boss drops (not general map farming). However, these recipes also drop from the new bosses in Reboldeaux Culverts and Secret Tower.

Edit: Added FAQ.


DarkFlow said…
hope they do it right in time) and we finally get 2.9b and 3.0)
demon said…
Hi...do u know anything about enchanting socket?
Is that true the first socket will never break the items? no matter how many times I try???(SEA version)

Do you know where I can get a list of information about raid boss..like how to fight, drops, summon??

Ashardalon said…
Failing a 1st socket never breaks the item. For raids, you should check out some of the guides in sGE forum, Play GE Wiki, or Wiki of the New World. Links are on the left column of this blog.