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SNW 2nd Anniversary

There will be freebies given away for SNW 2nd Anniversary (July 10), so long as you meet the login or purchase requirements. For purchase requirements, it includes Target Cards.

  • Login during January 1 to July 9 and receive 3 White Angel Wings (15-days) 3 Black Angel Wings (Permanent) *Updated*
  • Login during July 10-13 and receive 3 Black Angel Wings (15-days)
  • Make a purchase during January 1 to July 9 and receive 3 Devil Wings (15-days)
  • Make a purchase during July 1-31 and receive 1 Diabolic Horn (30-days)

The wings are expected to be injected in 2 weeks, i.e. around July 24. Diabolic Horn will be injected around August 15. See 2nd Anniversary Celebration for the official announcement.

There is also an article promoting the game and its 2nd anniversary at IGN. Delacourte wrote:

Well what do you expect them to say in an article trying to promote the game?

"It's been 9 months, but we've finally gotten through our problems and are rolling out the second half of the patch that was promised last November! GO US!"

That wouldn't really make sense. [Source]

LOL. Now, that's a good one!

Besides the freebies, there is a First To Expert Claire event. The first family to expert Claire from each server (and post screenshot in the forum) will receive a "surprise" reward. They should make the reward a bear suit and hat for such dedication to Claire.

Edit: I found some shots of the angel wings. Movement speed huh... Meh. We had veteran scrolls and mystery boxes for last Christmas. See K2 Christmas Gifts for Diabolic Horns.

Update: White Angel Wings (15-days) was changed to Black Angel Wings (Permanent).