Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Scarlet Underground & Weapons

So Reboldeaux Scarlet Underground (aka Culverts) is now opened in SNW. I already talked and linked about it in a January entry here, so I won't repeat those stuffs again. Anyway, I edited the map from jGE Wiki, moved the parts around, added arrows, and annotated it.

Here are some interesting quotes from sGE forum...

The cGE botters botted 1.5 months before getting even 1 recipe. In kGE test server, werewolf recipes are even more expensive than DHR. Good luck completing your collection. [Source]

Actually to add on, all the mobs will receive 2 AR and 2 DR when the boss comes out. [Source]

The Boss spawns every 18 to 26 hours. In a specific room. A circular room. [Source]

My ogre poleaxe... the only unique thing abt this wep is that even if its +5, it does not glow =.= [Source]

You mean those ugly green spiky glow? They were added in later patches IIRC. [Source]

Another raid with a stupid spawn window. Which sadist designed these raids? Players need to get a life as well, and not just camp in the darn place for 8 hours. Also, don't be surprised if the weapons don't glow. It seems like the green (ogre) and red (werewolf) glows are added later.

Edit: There seems to be some confusion over the spawn timing of Undertaker. The sGE feature article here wrote 18 hours. One of the staff, Kaioujin, wrote it's 18-26 hours (quoted above). Some players however said it's 8-9 hours. See Undertaker Respawn.

See Ogre & Werewolf Series for weapon screenshots.

Map has been updated with access point to Arsene Circus raid (v3.4).


DarkFlow said…
my clan mate yesterday drop one recipe of ogre series, lucky man)