Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Hron's Treasure Trove - Grace Edition

A new cash shop item has been added to sGE - Hron's Treasure Trove (Grace Edition), available during 16-30 July 2009. It is a box which drops a random item and costs 1,500 G-Points.

[ImageShack]Among the possible drops are Milky Bob Hair, White Vent Costume, Bistre Costume, Crystal Shotgun (AR30), and Crystal Shooter (AR30)... all usable by Grace Bernelli. The new items are Milky Bob and Crystal Shotgun. All others have been released previously.

The problem is, as usual, the drop rate. Some "rare" drops include Lv.92 Enchantment Chip x1 (WOW~!), Soul Crystal x3, etc. "Common" drops include Hermes Potion x20, Town Return Sheet x20, Lucky Pouch (EXP +20%) x5, etc.

Some statements from Kaioujin...

This random box is similar to kGE's Magic Cards and was advised by IMC. Initially it was just one box for all new costumes but we figured that you guys have different likes and dislikes, so we categorized the new costumes by classes.

There will be 6 Hron's Treasure Troves in total - Grace, Fighter, Musketeer, Scout, Wizard, Elementalist. Each with the class costumes and old ABS weapons that some players couldn't get before.

The price was also lower than what IMC has initially set, and we added alot other expensive stuffs into it to make it more worthwhile for you guys, like Impervium, Growth Stone, Treasure Hunter Request Form. [Source]

Actually it is tradable. Milky Bob, Crystal Shooter, Crystal Shotgun, White Vent. Only Bistre is not tradable. [Source]

Erm, I have strict orders from IMC not to release any form of % numbers. Well... for the whole bunch of Grace items.. it's around 5.. sorry.. but I'm silenced.

As for when the ABS is gonna get updated, we sent that a number of loot table list already, but they said that the recent ABS were not "effective", so I really have no date to give you. [Source]

It looks like all the other unreleased stuffs (Elemental Bracelet, Elite Magnum, Black Cat Band, White Santa Costume, etc. See v3.4 Patch Notes.) will be released in the near future in these treasure troves. That is one thing I hate about sGE. It is pay-and-pay-and-pay-and-pay, and then after selling your ass off to pay for them, you still might end up with a bunch of crap without those in-game pixels that you wanted.

Now for some noteworthy comments I found in the forums...

Lucky pouch EXP stacks with all other buffs, but only lasts 20 mins per pouch. They are already available from exchanging nightsoil in zeia corn and than a random booby prize. [Source]

at least ABS, we spam 10 times, may get 9 crap items + 1 good loot. box = just that 1 item. crap or not. [Source]

Lolz gambling again...... And this is the reason why gpoints to abs is removed.... Cuz ppl complain and gov take action and now they want us to gamble again for her wig...... Isn't it the same.... I guess ppl will complain thats why they put 16 jul to 30 jul so that they can earn enuff b4 the government find out. [Source]

Overpriced..... 1.5k gpoints for the progressive filler ( noobest item ) not worth..... they should sell it at 150 gpoints... seriously look at the common looot.... it is not worth 60k GP later, no hair [...] [Source]

whoaa fillers fillers fillers. opened 30 boxes only got 2 crystal shotgun 1 rifle 2 vent and no hair [Source]

Couldn't resist the temptation, bought 15 boxes. 1,500 gpts x 15 = 22,500gpts

1. Lucky Pouch x 5
2. Return Sheet (Coimbra) x 20
3. Progressive Health Filler x 20
4. Return Sheet (Coimbra) x 20
5. Return Sheet (Auch) x 20
6. Progressive Soul Filler x 20
7. Hermes Potion x 20
8. Progressive Health Filler x 20
9. Triump Fillers x 3 (330 x 3) - 990 gpts
10. Growth Stone x 1
11. Return Sheet (Coimbra) x 20
12. Triump Filler x 3 - 990 gpts
13. Lucky Pouch x 5
14. Treasure Hunter's Request x 1 - 550 gpts
15. Triump Fillers x 3 - 990 gpts

Spent : 22,500 gpts
Got back : 3,520 gpts

Those who wanted to try, go ahead, but for me, I rather get the Premium Treasure Service. [Source]

Edit: For a larger sample, see HTT (Grace): Loot Results for a player's loot after opening 50 boxes. Only 2/50 are Grace-related items.