[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

SNW 46: Ancient Area Again

I'm bored of the grinding/repetitiveness of the game again. The experts visited the sewers for a change of scenery, and it seemed a bit hard to AFK there. I wonder if those werewolf/ogre weapons are really worth the trouble farming. The family also received 3 Black Angel Wings for the 2nd Anniversary of the New World. For a screenshot of the wings, see Journeys Through Granado Espada here and here.

Over the past weeks, the enchantment merchant has been giving every racial ATK option on the polearms except undead. Well, screw her. Tired of waiting to get an undead polearm, the veterans were dumped into the abysmal boredom known as Skeleton Dungeon Ancient Area. In 5 days, Cthulhu (Poppet) looted 64 Sun Stones, 4 Green Rough-Stones, 1 Blue Rough-Stone, Stunning Skewer Ring, Chilling Touch Ring, and Lv.88 Metallic Suit.

The armor dropped from one of Ancient Thoracotomy's chests. I was quite surprised. While I knew that the item is in the database, I have never heard of it dropping anywhere before. It's just too bad that the DR+3 enchantment is wasted on it though.

The veterans experimented with a summoned Eltetah (Lv.108), and it was not too bad, since it can hit multiple monsters and its immobility isn't an issue due to high spawn rate. Athena (f/fig) wanted to learn Mighty Cruz, but the family isn't sure if that is worthwhile, since Gilgamesh (Claude) is ready to run wild when Mighty Cruz is needed. Why should a fighter learn Mighty Cruz, if the balding fat guy is already around? Hmm.

After losing one hunt to MahouMage family, Anahita (f/sco) and Jack found their 24th Fire Isle Treasure in Zone 1: Bracelet of Ziz, Elite Clayshooter, and Elite Kaladbolg.

It is too much trouble to edit the family portraits every week, so I will be leaving it out of the journals. Instead, everything will be updated at Ashardalon Family Profile. This also makes space for other pictures.


Manny said…
Does your Fire Isle Treasure rewards start with a key that's tricky to get? Every time you post your progress on that, I feel inclined to give it a try. Plus, a friend of mine told me you really work hard for that stuff.
Ashardalon said…
Um, the treasure key can be bought from the same NPC who sells keys to the Fire Isle zones for 1m vis. There's nothing tricky about it.

The tricky part is being online (and not AFK) when the hunt starts, and finding it before others do.