Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

kGE v4.0 Chapter 1 Teaser

Korean GE has added v4.0 Chapter 1 Teaser on 16 July 2009. I won't write too much on this. Check out the teaser yourself or see AQM Mysteries Deepen for more information.

New boss, possibly one for quest and another for raid. One of them is apparently dual-wielding rifles (or shotgun?)... What a hacker. Oh, and WTH is that weapon held by Lorch?

Sir Lyndon led his soldiers to Al Quelt Moreza and confronted Dilos Latemn...

Emilia Guliano watches Revenge of the Fallen, and decides to become a transformer...


¬,¬ said…
hehe the Weapon that Lorch is Holding is a Constellation Shotgun I think =D AR33 :D!

Greetz!!! and Nice New Blog Look