Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

kGE v4.0.0 Preview

Korean Granado Espada has updated the test server to v4.0.0. See v4.0 Preview Part 1 and Part 2. It seems that the entire game will update from v3.5 directly to v4.0. (G1-Neume already mentioned here that nobody will be getting v3.6 this year.) See the discussion topic started by Dem here.

1. New Tutorial
The beginner's tutorial will be revamped. It will be accessible to a new family or an existing family who has not completed the tutorial quest. After the tutorial, you will receive a set of Lv.1 equipment.

2. Pet Tutorial
The chick pet will be available via a new tutorial in Reboldeaux, and you can obtain 100 pet food. The tutorial pet is supposedly a looter, essentially a nerfed version of Grabber (aka Pilfurr, Poppet).

3. Tutorial Costumes
Andre provides a full set of Gold School Look costumes (30-days).

4. Pioneer Support
There is some sort of pioneer buff which grants EXP +50%. The duration depends on level - Lv.1-10 (2 hours), Lv.11-30 (4 hours), Lv.31-50 (6 hours), Lv.51-70 (8 hours), and Lv.71-90 (10 hours).

There are also pioneer support items, such as polish (aka glazium). The conditions for them are unknown at the moment.

Level"Compensation" Items
1-15Lesser Polish x20
General Polish x20
36-55Senior Polish x20
56-75Superlative Polish x20, Event Soul Crystal x10
76-99Forgotten Area Pass x1, Progressive Buff Potions (4 types) x10
Veteran+Intermediate Home Premium Service 3, Event Triumph Filler x10

5. Secret of the 5 Elements: Scenario 1
The quest to find Emilia's father continues. Rio and Lorch somehow got involved. A new raid is available. More than 4 families (MCC3) can join the raid.

6. Raid Anytime
Several other raids have revised loot and extra instanced formats now. These raids include Chateau de Bourgogne, Schaffenberger (Vergo), and Rafflesia.

7. Favorite Teams
You can save your favorite teams in the quarters, and select the entire team at the click of a button. The default hotkey is Alt-T.

8. Mail Box
A mail box has been added to send/receive messages. You can also send items, but this requires a fee. The button to check new mails is added to the mini-map at the upper-right corner of the screen.

9. Zone Map
Zone map includes 2 lists of NPC: common NPC and NPC shops. Selecting the NPC will outside the icon with red. Clicking the GO button will move you directly to the selected NPC. Quest icons will also be shown on the map.

10 Game Options
Game Options window (Alt-O) will be re-arranged with tabs. There is an option to set maximum reduction, allowing the game client to reduce CPU usage significantly at the cost of reducing graphics (possibly for AFK use).

11. Misc.
It appears that spinelles will be modified to allow only 1 summon at a time (?).

New NPC merchants are added to Reboldeaux - socket merchant, jewel (rumin) processor, accessory destruction anvil, enchantment merchant, and enchantment chip exchanger.

Ring Box has updated with more stance rings, including Semilunar and possibly Forgotten Magic.

There is also something about processing resistance necklaces, whose recipes can be obtained in specific locations and missions.

New costumes are added - Prima Bella (Emilia/Emilia the Sage), Black Wisteria (Calyce), Iris Cheongsam (Soso), and Iberis (Brunie).


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