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Cinderella's Armor Series

Cinderella's Armors are armors that last only 12 hours once equipped. They can be upgraded and enchanted, and are usually used by those who can't afford permanent armors for special purposes, such as colony wars, super-fights, raids, etc.

There are currently 2 groups of such armors. Just before it expires, some players choose to break it for an enchantment chip by upgrading it to +5 or more (after comparing the upgrading cost with market price of chips).

Cinderella's Andre's Designs
These Lv.80 armors have DR 28, making them equivalent to Lv.92 elite armors. They can be obtained by collecting Hard Clay x1,500 (quest item) in Skeleton Dungeon Ancient Area and paying 50 reputation points to the Mumbler in Ustiur Base Camp (F6).


Cinderella's Le Blanc
These Lv.84 armors have DR 30, making them equivalent to Elite Le Blanc. They can be obtained by collecting Broken Teeth x800 (quest item) in Ancient Mineral Cave and paying 50 reputation points to the Serious Farmer in New Opoluto (G12).

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Unfortunately, these armors cannot be refined for armor crystals (which are needed for Elite Le Blanc & Elite Le Noir Recipes) using the Refining Furnace in Errac.



Divinicus said…
yeah they were a waste of inventory space for me (bout 20 slots). I just broke them all during enhancement. nothing got passed +6 lol