Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Hron's Treasure Trove - Fighter Edition

Hron's Treasure Trove - Fighter Edition is now available in sGE's cash shop for 1,500 G-Points until 13 Aug 2009. This time, the drop rates are clearly stated in the article linked above.

[ImageShack]The costumes (4%) are Piernoente Costume, Piernoente Hat, Gilded Hair, and Ponytail Hair. The AR 30 weapons (1%) are Naginata (polearm), Katana (sabre), and Nodachi (great sword).

The chances of getting costumes/weapons are still very low, but the good news is that even the crap drops are worth at least 1,500 G-Points. This includes Mystery Powder x7 (220 x7 G-Points), Barrack Slot x3 (1,100 x3 G-Points), Ring Box x2 (1,600 x2 G-Points), and Ambrosia x7 (1,100 x7 G-Points).

Since SGD 60.00 can buy you 70k G-Points (excluding special promotions), this box essentially costs SGD 1.29, or USD 0.89 using today's rate with Yahoo! Currency Converter.

Cheaper Pet Food
On a different note, the cost of pet food has been significantly reduced in sGE.

We are pleased to announce the price for Pet Food has been reduced by 50%!

You can purchase Pet Food from:

Cash Shop at 12 G-Points each
Feso Shop at 1,200 Fesos each

Please note that the 10, 100, 200 denominations have been removed. [Source]