Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Taiwan Game Update v20.50.96

WAYI has updated Taiwan servers to v20.50.96. This essentially covers Bahamar Episode 1 and Tigres Prison loot revision. See Patch Highlights v20.81.80 for details.

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[JP] Update - Bahamar Episode 2 
Japan servers have already updated to Bahamar Episode 2 patch... See インフィニティアップデート第3弾 and 「バハマル -碧落の天空祭壇-」.

[EU] Next Update for Europe Servers
GEEU Team said in 2014 Jan Update News and Future Plans:
**GEEU will prepare the big update with Korean newest version on around March. GEEU will follow the newest Korean version all the time for European GEEU fans!!! **