[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Chinese New Year 2014

This is another imported event. Talk to East Noble (event NPC) in Reboldoeux to receive a random daily quest. The possible quests include:
  1. Words of Blessing: Talk to Eusebio in Reboldoeux.
  2. New Buttons: Give Reinforced Leather x3 to Textile Merchant in Coimbra. Item drops in Lava Plateau of Joaquin.
  3. Good Deeds: Give Comodo Meat x1 to Hungry Citizen in Thueringen Lakeside. Item drops in Rion Dungeon Corridor.
  4. View Sceneries: Trigger quest mail in Reboldoeux Queen's Gate (D7).
  5. Novelty Play: Participate in mini-game through Bahia game room helper.
  6. Farm Tour: Trigger quest mail by entering your personal farm in Ustiur Base Camp.

Since T3Fun removed Bahia mini-games, most likely players who get that quest are going to get stuck for the event. This is what happens when a publisher randomly removes official game features... Maintenance again soon? 

The rewards are mostly the same for different servers. Nothing special, really. See links below for the rewards. Lucky Pouch gives EXP +20% for 10 minutes. Rice Cake Soup gives Steroid buff for 30 minutes.

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