Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Patch Highlights v20.81.80

The following highlights are based on patch notes of Korean live servers (not test server). American servers are currently at v20.03.13, while Singapore servers are currently at v20.10.24.

See also the update summary - 업데이트 다시보기 (브리스티아 / 바하마르, 신인의 숲).

  • Added new character - Selane, available in Lyndon Box.
  • Added Enhancement Ampules (e.g. Melee/Shoot/Magic) to Feso Shop. This may be server-specific.
  • Added bypass quests to recruit Beatrice, Ludin, and Leonele to avoid going through Time Paradox or Clock Tower missions.
  • Added some benefits for returning players, including a special chat group.
  • Modified Colony War summons.
  • Teleport is disabled if there are enemies within 30m of the teleporting family.

  • Added Bahamar Prophet's Forest map and field bosses - Ruins Cruiser (?) and Royal Myconid. See Preview - Prophet's Forest.
  • Added Bahamar Episode 1 scenario.
  • Added new character - Sierra, available via quests.
  • Increased maximum level to Master Lv.15.
  • Modified Market Manager - can register items for 2/4/7 days, and can pay with Elemental Jewels.

  • Revised stances/skills for Combat/Shadow Assault, Shining Sting, Sect of Moonlight, Rocking, Rapida Espada, and Tronada Cruz. See Edged Carbine for details.
  • Revised HP formula for Lv.120+ from 500+(CONxCON)/7.5 to 800+(CONxCON)/8.4.
  • Revised mutually agreed war declarations.
  • Revised Prophet's Forest boss. Improved drops.
  • Revised MCC buffs for Mary/Jose, Asoka/Gavin, and J.D.
  • Added waypoint to Katovic Snowfield. Relocated waypoint in Abertal.

  • Revised La Tierra de Sed to involve killing boss monsters in 2 waves (30 min apart). Buff lasts for 24 hours, and has up to 5 levels. Rank 10+ will gain Lv.1 buff.
  • Added new Valkyrie Crasher to NPC shop for 8,000,000 vis. Maximum 5 in inventory.
  • Added new artifacts for Adelina/ATP, Auch Infantry, Reboldoeux Soldier, Gracielo, Gertrude (aka Gascon), Irawain, Baek Ho, Angie, Yeganeh (aka Diego), Jose, Vincent, Romina, and Rescue Knight. See [韓更20.23.56] 新神器追加(海姊、安茲、羅美娜...) for details.

  • Revised La Tierra de Sed yet again... now involves capturing flags, instead of defeating boss monsters.
  • Revised war declaration system.
  • Revised field bosses - Griffon, Uraeus, Rafflesia, Sharffenberger (aka Vergo), and Decarabia (sp?). Improved drops, including DR32 armor recipes and new artifact materials.
  • Added new artifacts related to the field bosses above. See [韓更20.41.14] 區王系列神器追加 for details.
  • Revised Rachel and Illusion Gunner stance.

  • Added quest warp feature... involving Feso.
  • Revised La Tierra de Sed again and again...
  • Revised Tigres Camp roulette rewards. 
    • Removed Bristia Officer/General Box. 
    • Added Twisted Weapon Piece. Increased artifact material rate.
    • B6F+ includes Greek Croma recipes. 
    • B8F+ includes Bristia accessories.
    • B9F+ includes Elite Bristia Weapon recipes.
  • Reduced Twisted Weapon Pieces required for Elite Bristia Weapon (10,000 to 5,000) and IBR-620 Heavy Rifle (8,000 to 4,000).
  • Modified some low level items from sword to blunt (e.g. Axe di Gavi).

  • Reduced Enhancement Boosters required to enhance AR32 (12 to 8 EB) and AR33 (15 to 10 EB) weapons.
  • Improved Impervium system used for enhancing AR32 or less weapons.
  • Revised war declaration - more activity point costs to declare on factions with more members.
  • Increased EXP rate for Veterans and below.

  • Added new character - Illusion, available in Lyndon Box.
  • Added Bahamar Episode 2 scenario and Recruit Nena quests.
  • Added Bahamar Sky Altar map and field raid boss.
  • Added Sky Altar Defense daily mission. Entry costs Silver Bar x3 or Expedition Memo x30.
  • Added Elemental Lords weekly mission. Entry costs Snail Shell x10 + 5,000 reputation points.
  • Revised Tigres Camp roulette rewards again.
  • Revised Elite Bristia Weapon recipes to require Twisted Weapon Pieces. Bristia Weapons with good enchantments can be destroyed in the furnace for Twisted Weapon Pieces. See [韓更20.61.77] 一改再改! 36攻等進佛武器的製作方式!(追加第4次改變) for details.
  • Reduced Twisted Weapon Pieces required by Marchetti to make IBR-620 Heavy Rifle from 4,000 to 3,000.
  • Removed base damage enchantment for Elite Bristia Weapons.

  • Added new pet - Snow Golem. See Christmas 2013.
  • Revised Sky Altar Defense mission.
  • Added Illusion's Magician Hat to dressing room for purchase.
  • Revised selected rapier (Strata Devil, Trump, Elite Trump, Constellation, Bristia) built-in enchantment from Block to Penetration.


  • Modified quest info window. Can move to quest location by paying Feso.
  • Added quests for AR33 temporary weapons. See [韓測20.79.47] 三次免費大師書、限時33攻等武器任務及任務介面更新 for details.
  • Revised chat bubble appearance.
  • Revised Sky Altar Defense mission. Some monsters can now hit flying characters.
  • Revised Time Paradox - Cortes. Stone Cortes' attack range increased from 15m to 25m.
  • Can now summon family to Island of Fire.
  • Fixed King Castor's respawn time. See here as well.


This game is dying. Too many premium characters, too many things that needs money to be played for the fun of it.
Granado Espada has potential, but cash milking is slowly killing it.
Ashardalon said…
Yes. When cash items (EET, EB) are too expensive relative to non-cash items (chips, etc.), it doesn't even give intensive to be active anymore...