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Updated Skins - Jini & Pirate's Chest

Updated 2 more UI skins. Jini skin is another old skin from long ago... possibly v3.0 or before. Pirate's Chest skin is designed by Park, Jeong-Min in 2010. Both skins have been updated for v20.10.24 (current Singapore client). The outdated v8.5 skin patch is available here.

See HERE for more updated skins.

Jini v20.10.24 - [MediaFire]

Pirate's Chest v20.10.24 - [MediaFire]


D3v1L_Tr1$t4n14 said…
i saw many skin have some picture inside of box menu like this can do some like this


for this version ??
Ashardalon said…
If you mean the main menu on top-left corner, then no. That main menu is no longer used by the UI, and has since been replaced by the top menu.

It is possible to add some pics for some other skin sections, but it may interfere with the text, making them difficult to read.
D3v1L_Tr1$t4n14 said…
ah ok but could put the image as a background below the text making sure that if the color of the image is different from the color of the text, is could it? and skin inventoy can put one no much text there and the premiun inventory is the same