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Beth EXP Test

The Launch Notice of Giovanni server in sGE mentioned EXP rate will be doubled for 30 days. However, some players noted that EXP rate in Giovanni does not seem to be better than other servers. Soon, players started investigating. The EXP test consists of creating a new Lv.1 character (0% EXP) and using her to solo-kill one Grassland Crocodile (Lv.4) in the Stone Pits. (Note: The HP differences are due to family level and Max HP stat from pioneer armor.)

Demetius started the test with Beth in sGE's Giovanni server (which is supposed to have x2 EXP):

He repeated the same test with Beth in sGE's Rembrandt server (which supposedly has normal EXP rate):

Where the heck is the x2 EXP? Both characters ended up with the same EXP. Long-time players in Rembrandt do not experience x2 EXP, so it can't be both servers getting x2 EXP rate. I tested it independently and got the same results. Essentially, a Lv.1 character needs 121 EXP to advance to Lv.2. One Grassland Crocodile (Lv.4) gives 96 EXP (96/121 = 79.3%) while its name is still yellow.

So.... the players in the new sGE server got cheated. Fascinating, but who didn't see it coming? Then, I ran the same test in Sword of the New World's Orpesia server:

Pathetic. In SotNW, the character only receives 80 EXP from the kill. The standard EXP rate for sGE is 20% more than SotNW. I'd quote Demetius from the forum topic here about this test result:

Interesting. Looks like the SotNW folks got cheated too.
K2 claims that they have the highest base EXP rate and uses that as the excuse for not having 100% combat manual. (They only have 20%.)

Aww, weak! Just to add salt into the wound, here is the same test by Demetius in Korean GE test server...

Lv.3 requires 300 EXP, while Lv.4 requires 589 EXP. So, that's about 398 EXP per kill! (Okay, it's a test server, so maybe it doesn't count.)

Update: K2-Neume said here concerning SotNW EXP rate:

As I said, other versions do increased situational XP. For example if you don't have a level 100+ in the Korean version you get a slight XP boost until you do. We don't do that. Also, I never said we have 2 times other versions.

Situational EXP? Interesting. So, GE EXP rates are tweaked according to various levels instead of applying wholesale throughout. But then, the x2 EXP for Giovanni wasn't mentioned as situational. Maybe someone can set up more tests for different levels (Lv.20, Lv.40, Lv.60, Lv.80, Vet, Expert, etc.).


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