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GE Signature Site Is Down

The GE Family Signature site, Another Lonely Soul, is no longer accessible. I happened to download the base images (i.e. without the levels and red/blue backgrounds) before the site went down. You may download them from the link below to make your own signatures.

Sample Base Image


You can also get the full-body images from the older site Nouveau Monde. Apparently, Rysas of Orpesia e-mailed the creator of the website, Hishiryo/Zanshin, and got the following reply here:

I actually wouldn't mind somebody else hosting the generator since I've grown tired of the game itself and I don't see a reason to keep doing it if I'm not interested in the game anymore. The site can use up to 100 GB of traffic a month, if you think K2 would allow that, we can work something out. It requires that much bandwidth because all the pictures are in png and users from all versions of Granado Espada use it (5,700 accounts registered, although I doubt that many people really use it).

Sword of the New World Database may be making the signatures in the future, but nothing is confirmed at the moment.