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Towards A More Hostile Game Environment?

I stumbled upon a post by nzi in a sGE forum topic, which mentions the direction the game is going. Quote for truth:

I still feel like there's a Hack-yu Kim conspiracy to force people to play a more hostile fight-mongering game than they signed up for. Most of the new content is about either rewarding the players who want to kill each other or imposing forms of PK on people who explicitly chose the server where they wouldn't have to deal with that. I have enough stress in my daily life, Mr. Kim - I don't need it forced onto my leisure time as well.

The forced-PK maps include La Tierra d'Amor, and the various Super Fights (e.g. Poison Yard) where the newly added (v2.9) sun stones and rough stones drop. For PK servers, Fire Island is another forced-PK map. I wish there are more contents for casual, non-competitive players as well.

It's probably just my personal idiosyncrasy, but I always found it anti-social to go around killing other players unprovoked. Getting PK'ed is a nuisance, and if I PK someone, I'd actually feel bad about it.

Plus, sometimes you have to deal with all the bragging (if you get PK'ed) or whining (if you PK) that some players do. Of course, it is just a game, but just because it is a game, it doesn't mean you have to be a nuisance to other people by behaving in an anti-social manner. I guess that makes me an in-game hippie?! Haha.

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