Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

SNW 17: Adorabelle's Bracelets

The veterans trained at Bahamar Wetlands, finding their 3rd Snail Shell... (Yes, 27 more to go. *sweat*) In Frozen Wastes (aka Frozen Plain), they continued to farm for the elusive Lv.92 Elite armor recipes, finding Pizarro Recipe and Hill Giant Summon Ring.

Athena (fighter) and Thelandira (musk) finally got Ghae (Andre) to craft Bone Frame Costume and Dragon Coat Costume for them. On the other hand, Adorabelle (elementalist) successfully enchanted her Elite La Ventisca with DR+3. Happily, she went on a shopping spree and bought a Bracelet of Ziz. Of all the veterans in the family, she is currently the best equipped.

The veterans entered Bellem's Ruins to defeat a single Wahlansche (Lv.99), gaining Elite Gaiters of Storm and Elite Rafael's Sabre. Another entry met with Captain Sharffenberger (Lv.94), gaining Elite Albaes and Bracelet of Great Soul (aka Bracelet of Three Kings).

They went along with the clan mates from Telos to raid Hell Breaker, but the clan lost the firecracker bid to No_NeeD clan... twice. It's rather frustrating... keeping track of the time, using up 8 keys, and running all the way to Toubkal Mine only to lose the bid. Ugh.

Anahita (scout) found her 7th Fire Island Treasure at Zone 1! Adorabelle (elementalist) opened the chest and uncovered Bracelet of Leviathan, Elite Clayshooter, and Elite Earthcracker.

After a few days, K2 finally addressed my ticket concerning the market crash and restored all my lost items. All pluses on the items however were gone, but it wasn't much of an issue, since the only one for the family is a +4 Pizarro.