[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

A Pirate & Her Wind

Two premium characters dropped out of the Mystery Boxes. So, the family recruited Adelina the Pirate Skank (Lv.44) and Soho the Flatulent... um, the Wind (Lv.40). Meanwhile, Emilia the Slut is still teasing me and playing hard-to-get. Maybe I should just buy her off from some pimp.

Adelina the Pirate is given the name Titania, after the fairy queen in Shakespeare's A Midsummer's Night Dream. On the other hand, Soho the Wind is named Pazrael, which is an alias for Pazuzu, the Babylonian demon king of the wind, in Dungeons & Dragons RPG. (Maybe I should have named him Flatulus, the Ephebian God of the Winds in Discworld novels.)

Pazrael gives Titania much-needed support for her titanic... um, knockers.
Thelandira tries out her Le Blanc costume and looks on in surprise.

Now, I have the same old line-up problem. Which characters should I use as a main team to get to expert? I'm currently using Romina-Musketeer-Elementalist. (I started with Fighter-Musketeer-Scout, then replaced Scout with Catherine for power-leveling. When I got Elite La Ventisca, I can't help but use Elementalist and threw Catherine out. Then, I got sick of having no res, so I threw out Fighter for Romina who's probably a better Equites user... Yes, I know. I can't make up my bloody mind.)

I could replace Romina with Pirate Skank for melee combat, but then there will be no res for the dead. Same problem with Soho. Well, ETS can res and protection field might help to make the characters more survivable, but I'd have to spend quite a bit to buy and equip her. (On the same week I got Pirate and Soho, I also looted Vampiric Edge and Carbon Gaiters, so their equipment is somewhat set.)

Should I buy ETS to replace Romina? Forget ETS, and replace Romina with Pirate Skank? Or just keep Romina, and sell Pirate and Soho off as soon as possible? Ugh. Help. *Headache*