Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Giovanni Opening Events

As expected, IAHGames is trying to get new players in the new Giovanni server to rush to veteran/expert status by providing some incentives. See Giovanni Opening Events for more details.

All families that reached veteran status by 22 Jan 2009 (i.e. 1 month from server launch) will get Expert Combat Manual x1, Expert Tactics Manual x1, and Expert Field Manual x1 (all 1-day duration). If they completed the pioneering quests up to Ustiur, they'd also get Lucifer Wings (7-days) x1, Devil Wing (7-days) x1, and Epic Glazium x100.

The first expert character in the server to complete Bahama pioneering quests will get 3 serpent weapons, 3 Le Noir armors, or Selva RNPC card. Naturally, to be the first, players will be burning lots of Combat Manuals and Ancient Territory Passes. Another money-making strategy. Ka-ching! $$$

Why pay to get me, when I'd be in next update scheduled in Jan 2009?