Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Mystery Box

As previously announced, K2 injected Mystery Boxes as Christmas gifts into the qualifying accounts. I received the boxes for Christmas Eve yesterday, and the ones for Christmas today. The injection was supposed to take a week, and so considering how long it took to get their official Christmas announcements, it was much faster than I expected. Well done. Keep it up, K2!

I opened several boxes and got the following stuffs:
  • Adelina the Pirate Skank [Stats]
  • Soho the Flatulent [Stats]
  • Lv.80 Enchantment Chip x20 <- FAIL
  • Ancient Area Pass (7-days)
  • Ancient Area Pass (7-days)
  • Lucifer Wings (7-days)
  • Le Blanc Costume
  • Otite Perfume x5
  • Triumph Filler x20
  • Survival Manual (+20% drop rate; 30-days)

I have heard of players with 30+ Otite Perfumes. Gosh. Who wanna live in the poorly-lit, super-laggy Land of the Dead? I guess Ancient Area is going to be really crowded, since many people got the free pass. If so, there will probably be players who release spinelles on AFK-ers just to get training spots. Maybe I should hold off going there for a while to avoid the jam. But then, if everyone thinks like this, it'd be the same at a later date. Ugh.

For a list of drops that other players received, see Premium Mystery Boxes.


Digital said…
Hey now, you can upgrade those lvl 80 chips into something more profitable.
Ashardalon said…
Sure. You can make 6-7 Lv.84 chips, if you use the chip machine. But that's not much compared to other possible drops (Lv.92 chip x10, Lv.100 chip x5).
Daetorius said…

the link to Premium Mystery Boxes is not working. Is there a correct URL?