[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

SNW 18: Corsair Rosso

The veterans revisited Scorching Plateau, finding HQ Ruby x3, Elite Albaes Recipe, Elite Gaiters of Storm Recipe, Rising Swing Ring, Frost Cloud Ring, and Tierra Choque Ring. Of course, there were the standard drops of crap Shaft Hammer Recipes and Pizarro Recipes.

Thelandira (musk) bought a Lv.100 Corsair Rosso for 15m and enchanted it with DEF 14, DR+3 using only 3 chips! Now she is happy and less envious of Adorabelle (elementalist). Now, at least they have decent armors.

Adorabelle sulks at having less DEF than Thelandira.

Romina was AFK-ing in Topolo Durga... and when I return, there was an Insistendo (aka Intensify) Ring on the ground. She hurried to pick it up. The veterans also entered Bellem's Ruins again, fighting Giant Cockatrice (Lv.92), Captain Sharffenberger (Lv.97), Phobitan General (Lv.93), and Swamp Angler (Lv.94) for Elite Laranja e Preto and Elite Royal Guardian.

A pity to have these scout equipment though, since I only use Anahita (Lv.100 scout) for cabinet piece hunts and treasure hunts. Anahita went for 2 treasure hunts at Fire Island, but unfortunately someone else found them first. The family also bought 200 pet food to start feeding Cthulhu.