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K2 Christmas Gifts

Finally, K2 released an official Christmas announcement on 25 Dec 2008 (7 pm PST). The following are the line-up of freebies. See K2-Neume's Merry Christmas for details. Since K2 injects items into accounts instead of letting players get them as "premium items" from Leonardo, it is going to take a while...

24-28 Dec 2008: Free Santa Hat and Rudolph Hat for every player.

29 Dec 2008-4 Jan 2009: Free 5 Mystery Boxes for all players who logged in on 24 Dec; and another 5 boxes for all who logged in on 25 Dec. Premium players will also get 1 Le Blanc costume and 10 additional Mystery Boxes.

5-11 Jan 2009: Free 3 Lucifer Wings (30-days) and 1 Veteran Promotion Scroll for all players who logged in on 31 Dec; and another 3 wings and 1 scroll for all who logged in on 1 Jan.

15 Jan 2009: Free Diabolic Horns (30-days; max. 1 per account) for any player who purchased $10 or more from 25 Dec 2008 to 1 Jan 2009.

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DeSanggria said…
oh wow those are awesome xmas prezzies!!!

*is somehow tempted to swtich to SOTNW* >:)