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Feso Shop Comparison

This blog entry compares the feso shop in both sGE and Sword of the New World, introduced in v2.9 patch for both editions. The following information is accurate as of 28 Dec 2008.

Both feso shops sell certain items at the same price, such as pet food x10/100/200, starter kit, grand/master valkyrie crasher, stance rings (30-days), back costumes (7-days), face costumes (30-days), hat/hair (30-days), triumph filler, soul crystal, hermes potion, boost potion (hrin's ampule), AM's boost (hrin's potion), health/soul regen potion (progressive health/soul filler), and most portable ammo boxes. The differences in prices are noted in the table below (where "-" means not available).

Feso Shop ItemSGESNW
Portable Gunpowder Bolt Box27-
RNPC/UPC Permanent Costumes* 700k-
Stock Permanent Costumes* 900k-
Tactics/Combat Manual 50%-1 day 12k-
Tactics/Combat Manual 80%-1 day 20k-
Tactics/Combat Manual 100%-1 day 32k-
Ring Box 140k-
Eyewear Box 50k-
Andre's Costume Box 50k-
Karja's Vanity Box 50k-
Sagitta Stance Book60k100k
Pet Food x1 - 3k
Temp Costumes* (30-days) - 300k

Note (*): The permanent costumes are sold in SNW Cash Shop, while the temp costumes (DEF +10, Max HP +500) are sold in SGE Cash Shop.

Update (22 Jan 09): As listed in v3.0 Patch Notes, all 4 boxes and permanent costumes have been removed from SGE Feso Shop, and all temp costumes have been removed from SGE Cash Shop.